Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Blog 30/06

We are good to go! Today was a simple affair - some last minute shopping for fresh stuff, a quick visit to the race office to talk about RRS 52 and then plenty of rest in prior to our departure tomorrow. Laundry was also done so as to ensure we had some clean clean clothes for our arrival at the RYS bar 

The team is ready to go - our skipper is talking about an emerging toothache but we think this is a means to be allowed a larger whisky ration over the coming days more than a medical emergency! Only time will tell but Dilip has the clove oil ready for action should the need arise. 

The rum rations are ready to go on board - some Bermuda rum and some Barbados rum with plenty of lime to cure any nasties that may come our way as it is an anti-scorbutic precaution. The pot mess is already being talked about as our first at sea meal tomorrow night and we are looking forward to Robin’s fusion of ingredients into the pressure cooker. 

We had a final dinner in Newport with the crew assembled together with Robin’s daughter Sara and Myron. A simple affair enabling us to get an early night for our departure. Sara dusted down her very own Monaco to New York regatta T-shirt which she earnt in the 1985 race. Nice one Sara. 

The next one of these blogs will be drafted from the chart table of Grey Power en route to the Lizzard! 

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