Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Greypower Blog Wednesday 1st of July

Our day started very much like most days since our arrival in Newport RI. A hearty breakfast at the local diner made sure the crew were of to a good start of the day. By this time, we had enjoyed our last warm shower but were worried as it was raining cats and dogs. For sure we were not looking forward starting the race in those conditions.

However by the time we had the house packed up, the sun had returned and we managed to stow both luggage, fresh provisions and the quite essential rum on board in dry conditions. In fact we were so efficient that Robin had the time to do another interview while the team double checked everything.

We eventually completed our preparations by disconnecting the autopilots from the rudders to reduce friction and then proceeded to test our personal AIS beacons. All good on that front and we now how to operate these.

As we were ready to head out to the start, we received the two Italian coffee makers which one of the NYYC members kindly offered us. So we decided to put them immediately to the try with a cup of Italian roast -
departing for the start area could wait.

We headed our to the start area under staysail (no mainsail) as this enabled us to manoeuvre in comfort prior to the race start. As Grey Power (and us) do not like going to windward, this was always going to be our strategy to start under foresail alone until such time as we had room for Grey Power to pick up her skirts and go. We eventually hoisted the main as we left number 4 buoy to port and we were of with speeds of 12 to 15 knots. Not bad for 1 reef and a staysail.

Having hoisted the main, we decided to celebrate the first headland of the trip with a small rum. The red helicopter filmed us preparing the drink and we returned them the favour with a toast to them, the NYYC members who have been delightful hosts and our fellow competitors.

Since then, we are continue to head out on a South Easterly course doing 12 knots plus and starting to reel in boats of lower rating ahead of us, as we should of course. The sea is settling down a bit but you still have to

As I type, our first pot mess is under way and we look forward to resuming our at sea routine.

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