Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Blog

Position June 10, 2015
34°25' N, 66°29' W
Wind SE Force 1
Boat speed 2 knots
Course 38

After a long night of fighting fickle to non existent air, we eventually touched some Northerly to North Easterly breeze enabling us to progress on a North Westerly to North course. At times, Grey Power was sailing along at

10 knots which was refreshing after the slowness of the night. Most of the day, we have maintained 6 to 8 knots of boat speed with full jib and 1 reef in the mainsail.

Our nights are getting gradually colder with sleeping bags appearing for the first time - a refreshing change to the heat to which we had become accustomed both night and day.

Our day started with a delightful brunch (casual dress code) followed by a generally lazy day with plenty of sleep recuperation. Short spare sections of mast track have been installed on our number 2 gas burner to provide a gimball to starboard (photo to follow once ashore) - something we have been debating for some time but for which a second wire coat hanger was never located. Though has now turned on how we can modify the plumbing of the aft ballast tank sea water intakes to provide water to the water maker but without excess water pressure or worst filling up Grey Power.

Tonight we crossed two cruise ships with destination presumed to be Bermuda. One on a collision course with us kindly altered course to give us room to continue to sail. Despite our relaxed approach, we continue to keep a good
look out at all times which combined with AIS means that we spot the few approaching ships which we encounter well in advance.

We are continuing to head in a generally North direction aiming to reach the South Westerly winds ahead of us which will give us a nice reach to our destination of Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod. Thereafter Robin
is exciting the crew about possibilities of "cruising" to Marther's Vineyard although the crew are looking puzzled by the lack of sun loungers and dinghy on board. Our sun deck looks pretty bare! Our aim being to reach Newport on or around the 20th of June in time for scrutineering.

We finally opened our first bottle of Bermuda rum (Gosling Black Seal) to ensure medicinal levels of citrus were maintained. Cigarettes are not so far either being rationed or even inventoried as apparently we have ample stock
(heard that before?). However we did run our out of cumin seeds tonight so anyone can organise an air drop that will be greatly appreciated.

Finally tonight we had a problem with the mouse on the computer but it seems that a full reboot of the PC enabled us to get it usable again.

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