Saturday, June 6, 2015

Friday Blog

As it is Friday, a quick recap of the trip so far.  We set sail from Grenada Marine where Jason had been taking care of Grey Power since the Route du Ruhm. We fondly remember O’Shavez who with his diving gear and shovel make a trench to enable Grey Power to float again. A final picture before departure and we were off.

We soon settled down in our sea routine. Breakfast being an important part of the day and requiring Dilip’s total concentration whilst operating our high tech cooker….notice the toe action to counter balance the gimbal! 

As you would expect with Robin, we operated a dry ship - only consumption in moderation and for the sole purposes of making the lime juice more acceptable to the crew to prevent nasty illnesses. As you can see, the big green bottle of lime is in strict proportion with the small bottle of rum to ensure that more lime than rum is absorbed by the crew. 

Sailing in this part of the world, requires a constant look out for squall. Blackness under the clouds means that strong wind and rain is on the way so we soon developed a sixth sense and keep looking up!! 

But then we also had some nice moments with rainbows to keep us company!!
As you may remember cigarette’s were an issue so to ensure no a single one was wasted, Dilip and Robin resorted to numbering them as they counted down.

And after all that hard work, our owner decided to use the sun deck to relax during the off time…

And as shown yesterday, arrival in Bermuda for a bit of R&R (that’s Rest and Repair!) The track is done, the reefing winch is service, re-carboned and the outhaul replaced. We are in good shape for the next leg. 

Oh and yes, not to feel left out by the other two (No, I haven’t taken up smoking) but they have banned me from shaving!

1 1/2% of all proper solo circumnavigators together in Bermuda to-day:-
Cdr Dilip Donde from India 2009
Robin Knox-Johnston UK, 1969 and 2007
Neal Peterson South Africa, 1997

Now this is a real cannon.  Skipper wants it smuggled aboard!

And thats the news from the Grey Power crew in Bermuda to-day.

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