Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sunday blog

A quiet day here in St George’s as we awoke to pouring rain which continued until lunch time.    Since rain is the only source of water here, it is welcomed.   There is a slowly developing main water supply being installed but many houses collect rain in cisterns and there are numerous water trucks around indicating that these cisterns are not always large enough.

We were picked up by John Wadson and taken down the island to Hamilton to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club for a delightful lunch with the Commodore, Somers W Kempe.  A lovely old building, with a long history.     

On the way we took a look at the waters that will become the arena for the America’s Cup in 2017.     Its not very large, so the competitors will have to be able to manoeuvre quickly.  Three teams here so far, Oracle, the holders, Artemis and BAR, the former using 45 footers, BAR at present on a smaller 20 footer.  

Obviously there is a lot of excitement about the America’s Cup races taking place here, and it should produce a significant boost to the local economy.   The problem with these events is that they tend to be one off opportunities for the venue.   After the 2017 series where will the AC be taken to next?   

This collection of islands did not have an airfield until WW2.  It was serviced by Flying Boats and ships until then.   But now it is about to become home to a new generation of flying boats!    Technology is taking over at this type of sailing and that will bring benefits to sailing.    The next challenge is to work out how you can scoot downwind, on foils, in a storm as you find it the Southern Ocean.   

In team Grey Power uniform outside the RBYC.

 The Bar in the RBYC.   A nice friendly room.  Joshua very happy as he found the biurgee of the Yacht Club de Monaco amongst the others.    Its in the middle of the row behind us.

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