Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend, Monday and Tuesday Blog

As we settled into our onshore life for the next week - showers are a delight so is cold beer and clean laundry; we are gradually getting ready for the race which departs on 1st of July.

We eventually moved Grey Power from our temporary swinging mooring to one allocated to us by the New York Yacht Club and then proceeded ashore in the Club’s launch to our awaiting accommodation…

Saturday night was a simple affair at the local Irish bar where we enjoyed a simple meal with a fine bottle of wine specially selected from the Purser’s cellar! 

Having had a lazy Saturday, we returned to Grey Power on Sunday to check on the mooring, collect a few further items and more importantly to sample the beer at the New York Yacht Club. The IPA in good old pint jug glasses was delightful as was the welcome!

Last night (Sunday), we had a most enjoyable meal at Gillian and Paul Russell’s and many of their friends. A great variety of curries with flowing G&T’s, wine and whisky ensuring sound sleep for all concerned. 

Today Monday we have returned to Grey Power to further adjust the rigging which RKJ and Dilip were not happy with and Josh visited West Marine to purchase some chandlery items needed for the crossing.

Additionally, in preparation for Robin’s presentation at the New York Yacht Club of tonight, crews have dusted down their blazers and some have even indulged in a hair cut / beard trim! No names mentioned! 

In parallel to all these activities, we have been working hard on bringing Robin’s IT knowledge forward. In Provincetown, Alan helped introduce Robin to SIRI (the little voice of the Iphone) while the rest of the gang is working on getting Robin up and running of FaceTime and other wonderful technologies. We think his office will be impressed by his newly gained IT proficiency upon his return to work in July… CTRL A + CTRL C and the followed by CTRL V are now no longer secrets to our skipper! (What is all this about - RKJ)

Tonight, we had a wonderful formal but informal evening at the Yacht Club. Robin gave a presentation about his life experiences in sailing and beyond. The photo below was taken during the wonderful introduction of the NYYC Commodore Rives Potts Junior. 

Hi presentation was well received by the 70 plus attendees and many interesting questions followed…

Even Dilip and the Purser were attentive which says a lot!! 

At the conclusion of the presentation, the Commodore, Flag Officers and Members presented Robin with a framed token of their appreciation!

On the right hand side of this photo is Alan Prior who completed the Whitbread of 1977/78 aboard Condor. Robin had not seen him for decades so this was a special moment! 

After this, we settled for a wonderful meal with members before retiring home for a good and early night sleep! 

Tomorrow we will do a bit of final maintenance before preparing Grey Power for the scrutineers on Wednesday

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