Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Blog

Another week of fine adventures on the good ship Grey Power. We left Bermuda blue sky and blue water on Monday 8th of June navigating the narrow entrance to St Georges Harbour to take us back to open sea. Goodbye warm sky and blue water!

and soon settle into our at sea routine. With a great bottle of Gosling Black Seal rum (litre size this time as we start tuning our athletes bodies for the race ahead!) which we sampled just before sunset. 
At first we continued with hot weather but as we approached the USA, the team gradually got sleeping bags out at night and warmer clothes during the day. Soon we were feeling the cold and either took to navigating from the companionway steps or dressed in warm clothes...

As we made our daytime approach to Cape Cod under near perfect sailing conditions, the fog descended on us to the point we could not see more than 2 or 3 boat lengths ahead…However, our progress was fast with speed in the range of 12 to 16.5 knots!
However, despite the weather, we still managed to concentrate on the important aspects of life like a can of bully beef to go into our now traditional pot mess prepared by our michelin starred chefs!

Eventually we arrived in Provincetown under the most beautiful sunrise possible - its 4am and the sun is delighting us with this wonderful sunrise over Provincetown

The pleasure of our arrival was soon diminished when we discovered we had to motor (no wind) some 40 miles to Boston to clear customs but eventually despite the complexity of the system, the people we interacted with made the process very easy. We therefore decided to celebrate being “legal” with a tin of Budweiser (or two or three) on leaving Boston under the later afternoon sun. 
A fast sail got us back to Provincetown by Midnight friday night but to be safe, we decided to stay out of the harbour sailing up and down through the night to enter at sunrise. Thanks to great direction from Flyer’s moorings, we found our mooring buoy and decided to celebrate our arrival with our first meal in 24 hours. As we wished to maintain standard, we laid the table and put our pot plant at the centre of our breakfast table…
And to finish of breakfast, we thought it best to finish of our bottle of Gosling…the excuse being that we had some ice cubes left from the 7 eleven in Boston and we did not want the fish to catch a cold!
Once we had tidied up, we checked in at Flyer’s! Moorings completing all required paperwork for Grey Power’s stay. 

We were picked up by Alan who has kindly lent us his cottage and after a shower we were of to discover town. Can’t visit the US with a dose of popcorn!
Michael and Alan were kind enough to prepare us a wonderful dinner which we enjoyed along with some of their friends before we all collapsed in bed for 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep - heaven!

As today is Sunday and a day of rest, we took it gently - a light lunch on the water front was the highlight of the day! (Alongside Alan explaining to Robin how to use Siri on his Iphone!!) 

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