Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thursday Blog

Update 7:00 London Time
We are abut 3 hours out from Bermuda gybing in light airs as we make our approach. We will try and send a further update once in harbour.

A frustrating day as we have had to gybe downwind towards St Georges Harbour all day with light and fickle winds, all the time seeking shade on deck from the sun.

This created continuous re-calculations of the cigarette consumption factor, which is calculated to give 2 left to cover the stress of entering an unfamiliar port and berthing.   Since the voyage rum ran out at Happy Hour, the Purser has been given strict instructions to ensure that shortages of this sort to either commodity do not occur again.

STOP PRESS - After a full search of the yacht, a crisis was avoided as a further bottle of rum was discovered amongst other supplies and hence Happy Hour was indeed happy!!!

Additionally, a telex has been sent to the on shore nutritionist querying why dehydrated alcohol was not included in the sport packs of dehydrated food!!!!

Flying fish occasionally break the surface, but the most common sight has been the sails of the Portuguese Men-of-War, one with two fish trapped and awaiting digestion.  The question came to us, did Jelly fish exist in the
Jurassic era and were they the ultimate predator then whose water based body left no trace for man to investigate.

As you can see, we are working on a new film script as a follow on from Jurassic Park combining the best of said movie, with a touch of pirates of the Caribbean and of course jelly fish!

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