Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tuesday to Thursday lunchtime blog

After Monday's night delightful evening in the NYYC, we set out early to work Tuesday morning. The sun and light breeze greeted us on the pontoon as we waited for the launch which is very nicely called “Navette”

Day glow orange paint was refreshed on the bow and the black numbers “300” were given a touch up in readiness for scrutineering tomorrow. All other safety equipment has been prepared and checked in readiness for our inspection.

Additionally, netting was added to the forward port bunk and the aft two bunks to ensure that  storage and luggage will hopefully not go flying in the event of the boat taking on significant heel. Hopefully this will not be necessary but better be safe!

Finally a full food inventory was carried out in anticipation of our first shopping trip planned for Thursday. 

In parallel to this, Robin gave a recorded interview for the local public radio station of Rhode Island. 

On Tuesday’s night, we had a most wonderful meal with Sai and Michelle - Sai is one of Dilip’s friends cousin and he runs a wonderful restaurant in Bristol. We not only had our best meal to date but enjoyed a most pleasant evening in their company.

On Wednesday, we successfully completed our safety inspection passing with flying colours - one of the scrutineers was reflecting on how, having read Robin’s book, he decided not to abandon his sinking yacht some years previous as “Robin’s would have not quit either”. Overall the scrutineering process was painless so we thank the team of the NYYC for their assistance in making this easy on us. 

In the evening, we attended our first crew party at the Newport Shipyard where not only did we find the last item of chandlery (a bolt for the furler) but we enjoyed some fine Italian anti-pasta and some excellent Chianti Classico. Thank you to the Newport Shipyard for being such great hosts!

We also met up with the only other RYS entry - “ ZEPHYR” and with little persuasion we decided to form a team for the race back home. We also spent some time on the pontoon with the team from Scarlet Oyster admiring both Rambler and Comanche. You could play tennis on the foredeck!!! They are huge and very high off the water. Robin also meet up with one of his old Clipper skipper Ben Galloway who is now skippering Dorade! 

After the party we decided to travel home indian style with three of us sharing a pedicab home. Well nearly home as we settled down for a swift cheeky beer at O’Briens before heading home for a bit of cheese and fried pepperoni! 

Yesterday, we also had the great news that Bernard Gallay is arriving on Sunday morning so the team will be complete for the first time. He has requested american pancakes on arrival so this Thursday morning the purser decided to check them out at the local dinner which we use for our morning meals to ensure that they would be okay. I am please to report that they taste great but 3 pancakes are far too much for one person! 

This morning after breakfast, Robin Wallace (another friend of Robin’s) very kindly took us to the local cash and carry and supermarket so that we could complete our first round of shopping. We now only need to purchase some fresh vegetables and we are good to go.  Whilst Dilip and Josh were doing this, Robin completed registration so we are now good to go with all formalities completed. 

Those of you with good eye sight will notice that only one bottle of rum amongst all those provisions. Our first leg started with a five litre bottle, our second leg from bermuda started with a one litre bottle (okay okay multiple ones mind you) and now we are down to one miniature. We are going to have to rectify that!!

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