Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday blog

As Grey Power sits at anchor in 12 metres of water in position 41 Degrees 36 Minutes 82 Seconds North and 70 Degrees 40 Minutes West, the team has enjoyed a most relaxing day. 

Having left our friends Alan and Michael in Ptown after a fabulous gentle last night out, we left them around 8 am for Flyers boat yard. After a small wait for the tide to come in, we were led out to Grey Power that eagerly awaited us. 

We left under clear skies and breeze of 17 to 20 knots sailing under staysail all the way to the Cape Cod Canal.  

Alan’s and Michael guest dog Blue ensured that we were going in the right direction from a safe viewpoint ashore.

We entered the Cape Cod canal at around 1pm our time with some trepidation having listened to various points of view but found a very pleasant and wide canal with the current flowing with us at 4 knots. 

At time Grey Power was doing over 10 knots over ground - the fastest she has ever been under engine since the day she was born! Having passed under the first bridge safely and with all antennas intact, we settled in our transit admiring the views either side of us. 

With a ferocious current, we were pleased we had it with us rather than against us…

Tonight we are sitting outside of West Falmouth having indulged in our second italian evening. The white wine was chilled and the red flowed so. As we sat alone in the bay, we admired the most beautiful red sunset we have come across so far on our trip. 

Tomorrow we are planning some housework in the sail locker as well as double checking our safety kit against the regatta checklist. Whether we move from here is dependent. 

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