Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wednesday Blog

Position on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 0400 hrs GMT
31°52' N, 62°38' W
Winds East to South Force 2
Boat speed 6 knots
Course 355

Today has been a rather serene day after a frustrating night. We feel that we are within reach of Bermuda but just cannot put our hand on the island. After battling fickle winds during the night, we held a steady light breeze
throughout the morning only to resume our battle with the wind during the second half of the afternoon.

To create some variety, our skipper decided to organise an open air picnic on the foredeck as this would alter the usual lunch routine and enable the crew to make better use of the little shade on board.

Additionally, in order to present at their best on arrival, he suggested that all crew "might if deemed necessary" wash tomorrow afternoon so has to ensure a pleasant welcome to the customs officials. We think that this activity might be more compulsory than suggested!

As we progress towards Bermuda, it is noticeable how the day's are getting longer (sunset is now around 8 pm rather than 7 pm) but equally the nights are getting colder. We are not at the stage of needing our sleeping bags but can at least enjoy our nightly sleep in a bit more comfort than previously.

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