Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Blog

As sunset approaches, we sit in the cockpit reflecting on our day and the days ahead. After an excellent night sleep in our warm sleeping bags, the steward (2 star, pasta only) served coffee in bed to the awaiting and snoring athletes. 

Our chores this morning revolved around checking various bilges, splicing new lines to the boom and untwisting the mainsail halyard. We also went through the safety checklist for the race and decided where we complied and where we would “negotiate”. Mainly points of details which we put down to differences between the Queen’s english and that of our hosts!! Finally, we dusted the instruments and cleaned various computer screens so not only could we see through the haze of our fingerprints but as importantly return Grey Power to Simon @ Clipper in as good as state as he handed her to Robin in St Malo!

Having spotted us lying at anchor, a local family visited us from their dinghy much to the amazement of their daughters discovering two single handed sailors on board and a steward looking after their health. 

We have not moved all day from our safe anchorage but plan to do so tomorrow weather permitting. A little cruise up to Newport Harbour in readiness for our swinging mooring that is awaiting us on Saturday

Evening cocktails were consumed on the aft sun deck tonight but only after the ship medical officer reminded all that they needed to put some moisturising cream on their dried and cracked skin. The skipper rewarded this health initiative with an extra round of drinks which was much appreciated by all gathered. 

Following our initial sunday sermon at sea some two weeks ago by our skipper, he has now delegated this task to the Executive Officer Dilip Donde who has two weeks to prepare his sermon in Hindi on our passage to Old England (as opposed to New England were we are now!) 

Tonight our indian michelin star chef is preparing us one of his exquisite delicacies - a combination of potatoes, bacon and peanut butter together with a fusion of secret indian spices to regale all officers and crew on the good ship Grey Power. This is a delicacy exclusive to the Officers of Grey Power and only found on a racing yacht. 

Our thoughts now turn to catering for the race as most other essential tasks are in hand. What delicacies shall we store alongside the essentials of cumin, cigarettes and rum?

There is talk on board of the RKJ cookery book and associated TV series to rival that of Jamie Oliver as we move beyond 50 recipes of bully beef into the more adventurous land of Indian and Italian cooking - more on this to follow as the script and recipes emerge from hours of research and development. 

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