Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday evening blog

We eventually managed to get into St George’s at 0730, after a long frustrating night of light following winds. Cigarettes ran out at the channel buoy, not a good moment as we faced an unknown channel and the plotter got stuck.  But its a beautiful harbour with a narrow entrance opening onto a large bay.    Met on the jetty by two friendly Customs Ladies who drove us to their office for clearance, where do you get that?,  and then met Sandra Suarez who seems to run most things and has set up our stay here.    

Took the boat to the dinghy club and berthed alongside and gave her a good fresh water wash.  On our way we were intercepted by a RIB containing Neil Petersen, who completed Around Alone in 1998, have not seen him for a while.

We could go down to Hamilton, the Capital, but its 18 miles away, so we will stay here.  In any case, the Bermudan authorities insist you enter and clear here so that makes our departure easier. Then a short siesta and shopping for food. Our flats are self catering, and restaurants are not cheap, so we decided to be inventive.

Our major task before we can sail from here is  the mast track.  3 screws have pulled out and a small section of track broken as a result.  This is tomorrow’s job.   We have some track and are sourcing the right bolts, drills and tap.

Currently we think we will sail on Monday with Provincetown our next destination to meet up with Alan Emtage     We are tired and we have work to do as well.    In the meantime we have rented two small apartments to act as a base, sleep in a proper bed (sinful) and catch up on food.    Pot mess is banned, mainly because we do not want it to become too enjoyable just yet, thats for the race.

So now, sitting on our patio overlooking the harbour and keeping up the intake of anti-scorbutics, dealing with the fast melting of the ice cubes with the energy you would expect, not having to worry about sharing the last few cigarettes,and about to cook something to chew upon, we say good evening.   
Blogs may become a bit irregular over the next few days as we get down to maintenance and a bit of socialising

The mast track

Our arrival in Bermuda looking back out to sea

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