Thursday, June 11, 2015

Friday Blog

3.5 days Bermuda to Provincetown. As this blog reaches you, we are about 2 hours away from being anchored in the bay waiting for daylight to pick up our allocated mooring.

Today started like many other days - coffee briefing followed by breakfast and then rest to level off our sleep tanks. The breeze continued to be kind to us allowing Grey Power to make fast but comfortable direct passage to our destination. To demonstrate her speed and not content with yesterday's success, she decided to overtake a 900 ft cruise ship at 15 knots leaving the poor cruise liner standing still in her wake. Robin is demonstrating to us the speeds which he expects us to maintain whilst crossing the Atlantic!! Let's hope that his speed predictions are more accurate than his cigarette consumption predictions or the purser's management of the wine cellar (more on this later).

It is noticeable how both sea and air temperature has dropped. The inside hull is cold to the touch. Sea temperature is remarkably down (to the point where the crew are wondering why we left the warm Caribbean to come and cruise in these climates?). We have been sailing all afternoon in our cold climate clothing and even socks have made an appearance.

Once we approached the South to North shipping lanes taking us up to Cape Cod, we were greeted by dense fog. At times down to 2 boat lengths in visibility. The fog stayed with us for most of the afternoon leading to one looking out, one manning the AIS chart plotter in the cockpit and one manning the radar at the chart table. Luckily, we were able to sail straight up the shipping lane (yes the right one!!) in the reasonable knowledge that nothing would be coming towards us. We did have however a couple of presumed fishing boats picked up on radar around us!

The purser has had to present his excuses to the team as after suggesting a bottle of vintage red to top up our red blood cells at lunchtime, we discovered that we did not have any on board. So much for our shopping abilities but we did have our usual citrus disguised in rum instead so at least the ship's medical officer was content!!!

As we are now in Provincetown, please revert to using our usual land based email addresses for all communications until we continue our trips on Grey Power. THANK YOU!

Welcome to Cape Cod and Provincetown!

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