Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wednesday Blog

Position on May 27, 2015, 0600 hrs GMT
13°54' N, 60°43' W
Course 13
Speed 9.4 knots

Tuesday was frustrating.  The wind never achieved predictions and came from NE x E instead of ENE, so we hyad to tack our way north with increasingly light winds.  In our first 24 hours we achieved just 85 miles towards Bermuda, which will affect our ETA.  

Then at sunset, as we were eating Potmess, the wind veered and steadied and we now have St Lucia 9 miles to the west and are making 9 knots in the right direction.

The additional temporary stove is now up and running and used a bent coathanger to keep the pot/frying pan in place.  Scurvey is being beaten back by the application of lime juice to the crew disguised with a tincture of Guadaloupean rum.   

It is hot!