Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Blog

Via Nigel Rowe and Sail Training International, we have made contact with John Wadson, the STI Bermuda representative, so now we think we will be berthing at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.    Our arrival will be around next weekend, but we have made arrangements for Blogs and a map to be sent to everyone via Dilip’s Brother-in-Law, Mandar, daily so our progress can be monitored.

Jason lent us a car yesterday, so we explored the Island.  There is so much undeveloped potential here and it is not set up for tourism at all, so has the charm that the rest of the Caribbean has lost.  The people are friendly, but keep this to yourselves as this secret place must not be overrun.   There is little flat land, but it is pleasing to note that they found a decent level area to create a magnificent cricket stadium.

Grey Power is ready, and once we have concluded emigration and Port Clearance we will be on our way.    After a spot of lunch with Jason, who owns Granada Marine, which I thoroughly recommend for its friendliness and capability. The verandah bar on the beach at the side of the boatyard is the meeting place for all the cruising sailors.  Sad to leave, but we need to clear the Caribbean before 1st June, the official beginning of the hurricane season although nothing forecast at the moment.     So we will beat out clear of the windward islands and then take what comes to get to Bermuda.

The next blog will be tomorrow from the boat. If it does not come through I will have unsurprising IT problems!!!


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