Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sunday Blog

Position 310515 0400 hrs GMT
24°22' N, 60°43' W
Wind ESE 8 knots
Boat speed 6.3 knots
Course 06

Saturday started well.  We found the aft ballast tanks had not emptied so pumped them out which removed transom drag and put the speed up by 25% Mid morning we had a big squall, took 2 reefs in the main, bore away at 14 Knots and made some lovely progress.   Later, when we decided to let out
one of the reefs the batten car tore out a small section of track.  Up the mast and we guided the slides over the gap to get the mainsail with one reef.  The track will be repaired in Bermuda.  Nice to be sailing faster
than the wind again.

The Tropic of Cancer was crossed in the afternoon and was duly toasted. Its the first crossing of this tropic at sea for Dilip and Josh.

Another day, another set of cigarette inventory. Looks like tea bags will be safe on this passage as crew maintain their discipline and usage is being strictly monitored. At the time of writing this blog, the inventory stands at
34 cigarettes which we believe is excellent given the extra effort put in by
the crew up the mast.

During the morning squall, we were refreshed by some lovely warm rain which not only rinse Grey Power of the accumulated salt but equally the crew. Lovely start to the day after the days of heat which we have enjoyed. Fresh
water was duly harvested from the mainsail which avoided the need of playing with the water maker. It was more efficient than our water maker and is the best water we have tasted to date. Nice and sweet!!

After the work on the mast, we settled for a lovely Indian version of pot mess which delighted all on board. The recipes provided by Dilip are wonderful, if only he could remember what he put in them so we could recreate
them in the future.


  1. I completely relate to Dilip not remembering the recipe...I think it runs in the family! Dilip's sister (my wife) can't recreate the same recipe again..which is a blessing sometimes:)) When I like something she makes, I tend to enjoy it more as that is the last time I am ever going to have it!!!
    Dilip, what is pot mess and why have you been hiding it from us????