Thursday, May 28, 2015

Friday Blog from Grey Power

Position on May 29, 2015 at 0600 hrs GMT
19°10'60.00"N, 60°23'60.00"W
Wind Easterly 8 knots
Boat speed 5 knots
Course 350

Good morning,

We are making good, steady but slower than expected progress towards
Bermuda. As I write we have some 821 nautical miles to go so we don't
expect to make land until Tuesday or Wednesday based on current conditions.
That's ok as our stores will ensure we do not go hungry!!!!

This morning we set the reaching sail to keep boat speed up. Hoisting the
sail felt like a PE class on the forward deck. However our efforts were
duly rewarded by a wonderful breakfast prepared by Dilip. Bombay potatoes
with a peanut twist! Lovely!!

Cigarette counting remains a high profile activity on board even more so
than before given the extra time we are likely to spend at sea. Good
behaviour meant that one cigarette was carried forward from yesterday's

Due to the heat, not much activity happened during the day. At lunchtime,
new recipe for rum was trialled with fanta but to everyone's delight we
resumed to lime tonight.

We need to replenish water stock using the water maker and this will be the
focus of activity in the morning as all other maintenance tasks are under


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