Sunday, May 31, 2015

Monday Blog

Position 010615 0400 hrs GMT
27°20' N, 60°40' W
Wind SSE 6 knots
Boat speed 6.5 knots
Course 030

Although Bermuda is only some 360 miles away, we cannot sail straight downwind so are forced to zig zag which adds to the distance we need to sail.  We wont arrive before Wednesday at the earliest.

According to its website Bermuda has only one compulsory entry point for yachts, which is in the north, and is closed from midnight until 0800, so there is no point in arriving at night.  You have to enter and leave via this station, which is some 18 miles from the capital at Hamilton.  We are looking for an alternative berth as this boat is not designed to motor and can only make 4 knots under power.

Since it was Sunday, breakfast was made up of the last of the eggs and the day passed finding shade around the deck.  The squalls continue, not as violent as further south and the rain is welcome as it cools everything down, apart from allowing us to top up the water bottles.

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