Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday' Log Grey Power

Monday dawned bright and sunny. However today, as opposed to yesterday, we had a bit more wind. Cracking along at a steady 12-18 knots under the main with one reef and the gennaker clouded over later on and had to reduce sail to the jib as the bow buried itself a couple of times and we filled the cockpit with water. The Skipper thought it was the closest thing he'd seen to a Hot Tub in ages and suggested as we were all humming nicely that we stripped off and had a decent wash. Malhereusement we did not find the plug in time and before you could yell "pass the soap!" the bath was empty once more! So we all continued humming loudly in unison to the strains of "Rule Britannia!" That is except for Bernard who was humming some other rather catchy French number that went on for absolute ages and reminded us Brits of a film we'd seen where they kept cutting people's heads off.

Grey Power was in her element doing just what she was designed to do. Power reaching with waves on the quarter that she could ride down. We passed the 1500 miles to go mark at 16:38 mid Atlantic time. Five days, one hour and 38 mins after starting. Someone (Josh so you know!) had the bright idea that it was another "Headland Moment" which necessitated the ritual slicing of the little green orbs! Half way across and half way through the little blighters. The Bar Steward had worked out the provisions perfectly. I
suppose it was down to either a misspent youth or a canny knack of being able to read the weather runes!

Today, over the magic of the internet, we learnt that the Greeks had finally decided the Grexit the euro. No S**t Sherlock! how many financial defaults have they had in the last 35 years? No one saw that coming did they? (sarcasm alert!) How on earth did the Euro Technocrats ever think that the Greek economy ever fulfilled the criteria of Euro membership in the first place?

Out here in mid Atlantic it all seems rather unreal and banal and does not appear to have effected the waves or the wind in the slightest. Perhaps it was that little splash over the aft deck which nearly put out the skipper's biddy (Fag to the nicotine addicts out there reading this) at 06:00 this morning but I wouldn't bet on it!

Almost time for the next round of "Guess what's coming for dinner" beats an evening in front of the telly any day!

A life on the ocean wave and all that!


p.s. the winch the former Commodore of the RCRC (Royal Coastal Racing Club) played with yesterday was used in earnest today and actually worked! Another misspent youth playing with his Mecano set!

p.p.s. He's nearly earned his wellies and only the equivalent of another two Fastnets to go and he can join the Ocean version of the RCRC!!

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