Monday, June 8, 2015

Tuesday's Blog

Position on June 09, 2015
32°52' N, 64°41' W
Wind Variable and less than 2 knots
Boat speed occasional
Course 290

Grey Power is back at sea. For the second time we have left port on a Monday. This time after a 4 night stay in Bermuda. Our memories are of Craig below the St Georges dinghy club welcoming us with his coffee and seeing us off again with a final cupper. Thanks Craig.

Customs and immigrations both on arrival and departure were welcoming and easy to deal with and our stay was overall greatly facilitated by Sandra Suaraz and her son Mark (Thanks Mark for the tools for the repairs!!).

As we left harbour after recalibrating our port autopilot, we were duly seen off by Neal Peterson who came to wish us a good crossing from his dinghy. Neal is awaiting the arrival of the Newport to Bermuda single handed race (we might cross them tonight!) to race back two handed. Good luck to him!

So here we are back at sea on our way to Cape Cod. At the time of writing we are battling 3 knots of true wind from direction unsure and this is reflected in our boat speed of around 1.4 knots. Our beards will be very long if we don't improve our speed and our cigarettes stock will fast dwindle due to regular wind direction checks.

On the plus side, our freezer box is operational on this first night so we felt duty bound to take our daily citrus intake with the remaining cool tonic water and of course associated tonic! Pot mess followed to give the team energy for what looks like a long night away.

To give you an idea, since tasting our first G&T to finishing supper (two and a half hour), we have complete 1.6 nautical miles! Yes Josh is thinking about re-instating cigarette rationing!!!!

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